Sidio Frameless Glass Partitioning

Sidio single & double frameless glass systems were developed to provide designers & architects seamless and uninterrupted elegant partitioning. This semi demountable system allows for variance in floor & ceiling levels to streamline installation. With its panoramic view the Sidio system not only allows natural light to pass through but gives a sense of openness and freedom within an interior space.

Single & Double Glazed Frameless

The System was developed to compensate for both floor and ceiling deflection. The top telescopic profile and bottom leveling foot incorporated into the aluminium track gives the system vertical flexibility which allows it to accommodate up to 25 mm of unevenness in any place, while guaranteeing the traditional features of transparency and brightness of single glazed partitions. This system perfectly adapts to any type of working environment such as executive and open plan offices as well as meeting rooms and pause areas.

Glass Cladding

TA Walling solutions glass cladding systems allows designers to bring high end finishes to areas most seen by the clients eye. With the ability to digitally print vinyl or apply ceramic baked images to the glass architects and designers have limitless design capability to bring clean hygienic finishes to almost any wall. In places such as lift lobbies, backdrop to reception & public areas such as corporate environments.