THULAFold Acoustic Operable Walls

Made with the highest quality raw materials THULAFold delivers a flexible ACOUSTIC walling solution.


Available in a Centre stacking (Centric) and as side stacking (Flank) suitable for all design configurations. Our 80- 100mm system offers a 48 & 51 STC rating based on what we believe to be the absolute minimum that defines an acoustic operable wall. Simplifying the option give our clients peace of mind that they will be receiving the very best value for money. With a wide range of very modern finishes available, protected by a concealed edge, we can offer eye catching and functional facings that will give an aesthetic appeal to every wall we deliver.

Our partitions are designed and suitable for the following facilities:

THULAFold Technical Drawings

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Slab Installation

Panel Joint

I-Beam Installation

Flank Track

Centric Track

Vertical Section


THULAFold Specifications

Supply & Install of THULAFold™ acoustic operable wall (Centric) or (Flank) with 48 – 51STC rating to suit opening size (width & height) with (optional) facings, including telescopic top and bottom seals. Interlocking magnetic tech vertical styles and lever closure panel. Panel trims to be Natural Anodised or Powder coated (specify). Suspended from track TYPE R including suspension components and acoustic baffle in ceiling void.