Acoustic Applications

Custom Acoustics offer different design solutions in vertical and horizontal applications. 

Custom Acoustics

Custom Acoustics offer different design solutions in vertical and horizontal applications. These products resolve acoustic issues both in respect to transgression as well as reverberation of sound. Treatment of acoustics has many benefits within occupied spaces from a physiological and environmental point of view.

Markets Include:

Acoustic PET Ceiling Baffles

VIBE™ PET Ceiling Baffles are lightweight, ceiling mounted acoustic absorbers that are made from recycled plastic bottles. They are designed to drastically impact room reverberation time and stop echo in areas with hard, reflective surfaces. Manufactured to specification as well as standard sizes available. This economical application is fire rated and acoustically tested to provide combined peace of mind, making this the only choice that right for your application and budget.

Acoustic PET Wall Application

TA Walling PET Wall cladding applications have limitless design capabilities with the introduction of our state of the art, one of a kind, CNC machine that has just arrived. We can meet simple and complex design and application requirements. Bringing your ideas to life at extremely competitive pricing.

Stretch Fabric Acoustic

Stretch Fabric Acoustic offers a full length acoustic stretch fabric application suitable for corporate environments. The system makes use of both commercial & digitally printed fabric to create sophisticated & themed spaces. An easy on site application makes installation a breeze. This fire tested & approved system is ideal for designers to maximise aesthetic & functional requirement.

Custom Acoustics

Custom acoustics give designers & architects an opportunity to think outside the box. With our manufacturing capability, we are able to meet and develop new and exciting shapes and applications that are at the forefront of acoustic design in the specialist interior industry.